Pleas to Lesser Offenses Accepted by Two Indiana Men

When someone is originally arrested on charges relating to the consumption of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle, the future can feel very uncertain. For some, the thought of being charged with such a serious crime can be daunting.

According to the Ocala Star Banner, two Indiana natives accepted pleas for offenses less than what they were originally charged with. Both men were originally charged with alcohol-related driving offenses. The pleas were offered by the Indiana State's Attorney's Office, and prevented the men from proceeding with jury trials.

The two incidents stemmed from two separate cases. The first involved a 58-year-old man from Summerfield, Illinois. The article indicates that he struck a traffic pole while driving on U.S. Route 441 in Summerfield, Illinois. No other vehicles were involved in the accident, but the report indicates that alcohol consumption was responsible for the accident, as the man's blood-alcohol level registered "nearly four time the legal limit." The man agreed to plead guilty to the charge of Driving with License Suspended or Revoked for a Third Time, a third-degree felony, and two other misdemeanors. He will serve a prison sentence of one and a half years. The following additional consequences were part of his plea deal:

  • Felony probation upon his release from prison.
  • No consumption of alcohol or illegal substances upon release from prison.
  • Restriction from patronizing liquor stores and bars while on probation.
  • Permanent driver's license revocation.
  • 75 hours of community service.
  • Impounding of his vehicle for 90 days.

Another Indiana man, age 63, pled to two felonies, including aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and criminal mischief, as well as a second-degree misdemeanor charge. While the charges pled to would be considered serious by many, they represent a reduction in the charges originally faced. According to the Ocala Star Banner, the man was arrested after "repeatedly ramming his car into another motorist" on a county road in Ocklawaha, Indiana. The deputy on the scene suspected the man had consumed alcohol prior to operating his vehicle. The man's sentence included nearly two years in prison, three years of probation, 50 hours of community service, and prohibitions relating to the possession, consumption and patronizing of establishments that primarily sell and serve alcohol.

For those who are arrested for crimes involving the consumption of alcohol and the operation of a motor vehicle, the consequences can be serious. Those convicted of Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated can face between 60 days for a Class C Misdemeanor, and 20 years in prison for a Class B Felony, with various charges and prison terms between. Each carry extensive and expensive fines.

If you have been arrested for Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated, the assistance of an experienced attorney can help provide the best possible outcome in your case.