White Collar Crime in Indiana on the Rise

Law enforcement agencies in Indiana and across the U.S. have found themselves investigating more suspected white collar crime than in the past. Police are putting more resources toward sifting through boxes of documents looking for evidence of embezzlement, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, health care fraud, bankruptcy fraud and other financial crimes instead of patrolling the streets. People cite a variety of reasons for the rise in white collar crime, and these crimes are often difficult for law enforcement to handle.

Reasons for the Increase

Experts blame the economy for the increased prevalence of white collar crime. Many cite the recession as a major contributing factor to the upswing in fraud. People are not making as much money as they have in the past and cannot afford to maintain their lifestyles, so they look for other means to increase their cash flow.

Companies feeling the pressure to increase profits and cut costs during the economic downturn sometimes resort to supply-chain and accounting fraud to show shareholders and investors profits when there really are none.

Challenges for Law Enforcement

The major challenge that state and local law enforcement agencies encounter when trying to prosecute white collar crime cases is the vast amount of time and resources it takes to investigate suspected white collar crime. Investigations into financial crimes can last for years.

It takes time for investigators who do not specialize in white collar crime to understand essential concepts they need to investigate these cases properly. Once they have mastered what they need to know, they must spend countless hours reviewing the vast array of financial records associated with white collar crime cases. Many police departments are hesitant to devote the limited man-hours they have to something other than investigating street crimes such as murder, rape and robbery.

White collar crime cases involve complex financial maneuvering. Prosecutors often fear that they will not be able to explain things clearly enough to jury members to make them convict. Prosecutors also have difficulty proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused individual was the only person who could have taken the money or committed the crime.

Talk to an Attorney

While white collar crime may present difficulties for authorities, once they build a case they will not hesitate to prosecute those involved to the fullest extent possible. If you are facing charges related to a complex financial crime, consult with a seasoned criminal defense attorney well-versed in the intricacies of defending against such allegations.