Indianapolis Civil Litigation Lawyer

At Pence Hensel LLC, we are a litigation firm at the core. We are prepared to take any matter to trial, always knowledgeable of what to expect and how best to prepare. We are skilled in sorting and organizing large amounts of information.

As a small firm of experienced attorneys, we will not have the multiple conflicts of interest often found at large law firms.

Indianapolis Civil Litigation Attorneys

We represent businesses in a wide range of litigation cases involving:

As a litigation firm, we have the experience in the courtroom to defend your interests. We have earned a reputation for success from many high-visibility cases, and we are equipped to fight on your behalf.

Marion County Business Litigation Attorneys — Conducting Internal Investigation

We are prepared and have the experience to conduct internal investigations. Many businesses require independent law firms to conduct investigations into allegations of wrongdoing. For example, a business may believe that a rogue employee has engaged in illegal activity. We are experienced in conducting such investigations and can provide legal options to a company in dealing with such matters, including cooperation with the proper authorities.

In those instances, our lawyers are able to conduct internal investigations to determine the scope of the alleged wrongdoing, who is responsible for the improper conduct, and provide advice on how to handle the situation.

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