Indianapolis Contract Disputes Lawyer

The veteran team of business and corporate litigators at Pence Hensel LLC is prepared to represent your interests in matters of contract dispute. This includes verbal, written and implied contracts.

Marion County Business Disputes Attorney

We provide representation in a wide range of contract and business disputes, including litigation involving:

  • Breach of contract
  • All matters of fraud
  • Business and corporate purchase and sale agreements
  • Employment contract disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Real estate litigation
  • Interference with contractual agreements and conditions

These matters are often complicated by circumstances surrounding the agreement. We are able to cut through the complexities of the situation to find the relevant legal issues.

Indianapolis Contract Disputes Attorney

If you suspect that you are in danger of being sued, it is important that you contact a skilled firm to begin proactively building a case in your defense. We will move swiftly to begin the appropriate investigations and review of evidence needed to counter the case another party is trying to make against you.

If you wish to bring suit against another party, we can guide you through the process of evaluating where the breach of contract occurred and the strengths of your case.

Our lawyers conduct thorough review of all documentation, as well as any other relevant evidence in the matter. Given our thorough understanding of contract law litigation and fraud, we know what to look for, and we are able move decisively on your behalf.

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss the case you are facing, please contact our firm at 317-643-6960 or toll free at 800-724-2801.