Indianapolis Local Counsel Lawyer

Pence Hensel has served as local counsel for law firms and clients all over the country. We have substantial experience before the federal and state courts in our district and are able to provide specific expertise and assistance to lawyers appearing in Indiana.

We are centrally located near both the Federal Courthouse, Marion County courts, and the Indiana State House. Our close proximity to local government provides confidence to our clients that their interests will be represented with a high level of skill and familiarity. We have the facilities and conference rooms to work in cooperation with additional counsel and out of town clients.

Indianapolis Local Counsel Attorney

Pence Hensel strives to ensure that any visiting attorneys are well prepared, well versed on the local court rules, and have all of their questions answered before appearing before our courts. We strive to ensure that you are fully represented in the State of Indiana.

We assist clients in local discovery and depositions, as well as case management services. As you prepare the matter, we will provide legal guidance on local laws and ordinances. During the court proceedings, we are available for trial support services. Where additional local legal services are required, we will refer to our broad network of trusted associates.

We also provide assistance in helping individuals become admitted to appear in court locally. Our services as local counsel vary widely, and we are equipped to represent your interests in Indianapolis and Indiana, no matter the nature of the legal concern.

Marion County Copyrights Attorney

We assist out-of-state law firms and clients in Indiana in matters of trademark and patent law, facilitating the appropriate representation in the case.

To arrange a consultation to discuss the matter you wish to pursue in Indiana, please contact our firm today at 317-643-6960 or toll free at 800-724-2801.