Indianapolis Professional Licensing Lawyer

At Pence Hensel LLC, we are prepared to handle all manner of professional licensing and legal disputes. We represent a comprehensive range of professionals, including doctors, lawyers, nurses, pharmacists, corporate officers, securities dealers, real estate and mortgage agents, and appraisers.

Indianapolis Professional Licensing Attorney

We are prepared to represent any professionals facing disciplinary proceedings or a potential license revocation. We provide these individuals knowledgeable guidance and counsel as they face difficult accusations and potentially significant loss of career and reputation.

We are equipped to prepare a case customized to individual circumstances and professional background. We will speak on his or her behalf before the appropriate critical boards and judges, offering capable and knowledgeable counsel throughout the duration of the proceedings.

Handling these matters on your own can be a costly mistake. With the representation of an objective attorney, you can be assured that your case is being guided free of emotion or conflict of interest.

We will thoroughly review the details of the situation, providing circumstances to be considered by the board, as well as mitigating defenses. We are prepared to represent a wide range of licenses, including:

  • Real estate licenses
  • Physician's licenses
  • Medical professional licenses
  • Legal licenses
  • Corporate licenses
  • Securities licenses
  • Other professional licenses

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