Indianapolis Money Laundering Lawyers

At Pence Hensel LLC, we are prepared to represent individuals and organizations charged directly with either money laundering or embezzlement transactions, as well as companies that suspect an employee or associate has engaged in these actions.

Marion County Embezzlement Attorney

Money laundering occurs when a business or individual structures financial transactions and monetary movements for profit in a way to make it appear to be legally earned. This kind of financial fraud often happens to hide the true source of the money, but it can also occur in an effort to avoid the reporting requirements for some sort of legitimate transaction.

Another financial crime, embezzlement, is the theft of funds that often involves activities to also conceal the crime.

In cases of embezzlement, the individual typically has authority to access the funds and has abused this access. Money laundering, however, often involves a second-party individual or group that has transferred the assets, charging a fee for the transactions.

Embezzlement and money laundering transactions often draw the attention of the government when a business is used as a vehicle to bring these funds into general commerce. As soon as you suspect that you are under investigation for money laundering or embezzlement, or have been the victim of a money laundering or embezzlement scheme, it is important that you immediately retain sound legal counsel.

Indianapolis Money Laundering Attorney

At Pence Hensel LLC, we are prepared to protect your interests in a proactive defense. We will conduct a thorough pretrial investigation to understand the prosecutor's theories and evidence required to prove the case.

Sometimes suspicious activity can come down to nothing more than mistaken accounting practices. We will start our own thorough independent investigation of the situation, analyzing the information to determine if a fraudulent transaction actually occurred.

We are a litigation firm and are fully equipped to face the government in court. You can be assured that we have the skill and experience to handle these matters on your behalf, protecting your interests.

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